Tips For Arranging A Team Building Day

So it’s finally time to plan for the annual team building event. If you have done it before,it might not appear challenging but when doing it for the first time,organising a team building event is often daunting. Here are some helpful tips you should consider when organising a team building event.

1. Determine When It Is Being Held

You have to give yourself more time to plan and prepare for the event than you might believe. Start planning as early as a month or two before the event. If the team building event has a lot of participants,you should start planning as early as six months before. Take advantage of various tools such as Excel to plan for every minute detail of the entire event.

2. Choose A Planning Team

You can’t plan a team building event by yourself. There are so many moving parts so you are likely to feel stressed out if you choose to plan the whole thing on your own. Get a planning team to help you with the planning. It will then be easy enough to give tasks to others and make important decisions about the event. If you do this you can also choose someone to take over the workload if it feels too heavy. The best way is to ask a few colleagues to volunteer to be part of the planning group.

3. Define Your Team Building Goal

With a clearly defined objective for the team building event,it’s a guarantee that the whole event will be effective and fun. There are a few ways you can do to determine the goal of your team building event. For example,who is coming to the event?,what type of fun activities will be you doing?,where is the venue of the event?,Why are you planning for this team building event in the first place?,When do you plan to do it?

Once you have put together all these answers,you will have a clearly defined objective for the entire event.

4. Put Together A List Of Attendees

Basically,you have to know how many people will be attending the event. You need to find out whether it’s a mandatory event for all in the office or can anyone sign up to come. How many people can fit in the venue and still stay within your budget? Are people with disabilities allowed coming? Once you have a proper list of the attendees,you can plan for the vendors and the venue.

5. Choose A Venue,Date And Time

Once you know where you are going to have your team building event,you can start searching for a venue once you know the date,the number of people who will be attending and the time of the event. Here,you need to know your budget to avoid paying too much money for the wrong venue. Plus make sure the venue has enough space for all the participants and all the various fun activities you plan on running during the day.

In conclusion,remember a successful team building event requires planning and preparation. Using these tips,you can count on an unforgettable day.

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